Eurolls was founded in 1987 by Renato Railz. Eurolls Headquarters and other 5 plants are located in the Friuli Region of Northeast Italy. Belonging to the Eurolls Holding Group, are Eurolls Carbide (involved in the sintering of tungsten carbide rolls), located in Lombardia and several subsidiaries positioned in Mexico, Brazil and China. Since its inception, Eurolls’s activity was concentrated to two different fields of applications, the Tube Industry and the Wire Industry.

In the Tube sector, Eurolls is recognized worldwide as one of the best suppliers of tooling. The entire process from design to heat treatment is manufactured 100% in house. The reference list includes renowned leading tube manufacturers, throughout the world, covering parts for the automotive industry to API applications.

For the wire industry, Eurolls was the first company to convert the traditional die process in wire drawing, to wire rolling, by means of its unique quality microcassettes. Eurolls was the first to produce Micro, modular, traditional and custom made cassettes. The entire manufacturing process and know-how was developed in house, and Eurolls was the first to introduce this technology to the wire industry world. The possibility of rolling more sophisticated materials is always a new Eurolls challenge, and with the cooperation of customer base, the company continues to develop new alternatives to traditional wire drawing.

Nowadays Eurolls and the Eurolls Machinery Division can offer wet drawing lines and dry drawing/rolling lines, straightening and cutting lines, lattice girders machines, electrode machines, and many other products to service wire manufacturing needs.

Cold rolling lines LGV − LGH (Eurolls)

Cold rolling lines NLGEH (Eurolls)

Cold rolling lines NLGH (Eurolls)

Dry drawing lines TD (EUROLLS)

Wet drawing lines TB (Eurolls)

Static pay-off units from coils and spools SSM•SSB (Eurolls)

Vertical rotating pay-off systems from coils and spools SDM•SDB (Eurolls)

Horizontal pay-off systems from coils and spools with and without accumulation system SR (Eurolls)

Horizontal take-up systems on spools with or without accumulation system AR (Eurolls)

Bar straigtening cutting lines EC (Eurolls)

Straightening and cutting lines for bars LRB (Eurolls)

Straightening and cutting lines for bars LRR (Eurolls)

Flux cored wire production line FCW (Eurolls)

Electrode sticks production line RTE (Eurolls)

Vertical take-up static systems in coils with accumulation system AMS (Eurolls)

Vertical take-up rotating systems in coils with accumulation system AMR (Eurolls)

Cleaning units ULM (Eurolls)

Copper-plating unit ULR (Eurolls)

Rolls and roll holders (Eurolls)

Cassettes for reinforcing wire (Eurolls)

Steel fiber production machines IF60 (Eurolls)

Steel cord and bead wire production lines (Eurolls)

Lattice girder lines TE40 (Eurolls)

Lines for treatment of low relaxation steel wire for prestressed concrete and structural reinforcement (Eurolls)

Lines for treatment of low relaxation steel rope for prestressed concrete (Eurolls)

Double Twist Bunching Machine (Eurolls)

Rolls and accessories for ERW Mills (Eurolls)

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