Horizontal pay-off systems from coils and spools with and without accumulation system SR (Eurolls)

Pay-off systems with horizontal axis for medium and high carbon steel wire in spools, particularly suitable for annealing, patenting, galvanizing, coppering and brassing lines. Multiple construction with a structure made of bent and welded steel sheets, it can be set up in groups with single or double working sides. The spool to be unwound is supported by means of pneumatically operated retractable cone-shaped pins. The braking – both for counter-pull and for emergency stops – is operated by means of a compensating arm acting on an adjustable mechanical or pneumatic brake.

In the case of thin wires (< 1,0 mm), the unwinding can be motorized and synchronized with the speed of the corresponding take-up system by means of a dancer control. If non-stop operation is required, the SP version is available and is equipped with motorized double accumulation block with intermediate flyer disk. It is completed by support and guide rolls positioned along the structure to direct the wires to the treatment plant.


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