Bar straigtening cutting lines EC (Eurolls)

Main parameters:

  • Wire diameter range 6 – 14 mm
  • Maximum working speed: 360 m/min
  • Bar cutting length: 2.000 – 14.000 mm

The “EC” straightening and cutting lines straightens and cuts wire at high speed while maintaining precise tolerances. These lines guarantee maximum production output and efficiency.

The main characteristics of this series are:

  • High speed straightening of hot rolled, stretched or cold rolled entry material, smooth or ribbed, in coil or spool format, or directly in line with the cold rolling/stretching unit (dependent on pay off system adopted).
  • The motorized pinch roll units are installed before the straightener unit and are driven by an A.C. motor. The rolls have a double indented channel in order to cover the full range of entry wire diameters.
  • The straightening unit can be either rotating with spindle or static with rolls depending on the final cut wire requirements.
  • A bar measuring unit composed of rolls which are directly in contact with the transiting wire ensures the cutting of the bar by the flying shear at the predetermined length.
  • The flying shear comprises two rotating arms with relative shear blades and is driven by an A.C. motor.
  • The bar collection unit is composed of a series of U shaped collection cradles, anchored to the floor, into which are discharged the bars for final bundle preparation. The cradles are designed to permit an easy bar strapping operation and quick evacuation.

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