Lines for treatment of low relaxation steel wire for prestressed concrete and structural reinforcement (Eurolls)


  • Working speed: up to 500 m/min
  • Wire pay-off: from motorized spool 2.000-5.000 kg
  • Tensioning system: by rotating die or by double capstan
  • Straightening: quadruple straightener on 4 planes at an angle of 450
  • Indenting: by cassettes with 2 or 3 rolls, adjustable
  • Heating furnace type: induction with power between 150 and 600 kW
  • Wire cooling: by dip and spray in tunnel
  • Pulling capstan: double with horizontal/vertical axis with V shape groove
  • Capstan diameter: 3.000-5.000 mm
  • Wire pusher: 4 pairs of gummed rolls hydraulically openable
  • Cutting to length system: Rotating shear
  • Collecting baskets (2 pcs.): with vertical axis, Ø 3.000 mm, weight max. 2.000 kg

High carbon steel wire is used as structural reinforcement in a wide field of applications such as big industrial and civil engineering works (beams and structures of multi-storey buildings, pillars, bridges, tenso-structures, docks, highway barriers, rail sleepers for high speed trains, concrete pipes, huge suspension cables for cable-stayed bridges, etc.). To fulfill efficiently the features of load and reinforcement, this steel wire must have characteristics of LOW RELAXATION when it undergoes the continuous application of high axial loads (especially if combined with concrete). To produce such type of wire, a tension relief treatment is necessary. This is obtained by placing the wire under a load equivalent to 40 % of its tensile strength, while being heated to a temperature of approx.400° C with a successive quick cooling.

The production lines for LRPC WIRE offered by Eurolls, guarantees a very high efficiency/performance and excellent final product quality based not only upon an extensive technical knowledge but also predicated on our past experiences / knowledge which has resulted in vast success in this field.

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