Cold rolling lines NLGEH (Eurolls)

Main features:

Range of finished products: 4 – 16 mm

Maximum working speed: 15 m/s

Production of ribbed wire for concrete reinforcement, either by cold rolling of smooth rod or stretching of hot rolled ribbed rod.

This line is equipped with a “V” shaped capstan for stretching of rod, and a triple capstan for cold rolling. (Two capstans for the reduction and the third capstan is used as a stress reliever).

The line is equipped with a horizontal axis capstan, for ease of operation and constant visual control.

This line is also manufactured with a transmission where there is no need to adjust gears when changing from the production of thin to thick wire. This helps to eliminate the possibility of operator error and need for further adjustment.

This machine offers the possibility of placing one or two cassettes on the first draft and another cassette on the second draft.

The mechanical descaling system works as a stretching panel in case of the production of high ductility material, and is fully enclosed with a soap adding unit.

The electrical cabinet is fully assembled in-house with an optional modem connection for line control, and can even be equipped with a camera for continuous viewing.

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