Vertical take-up static systems in coils with accumulation system AMS (Eurolls)

Static vertical take-up systems for low, medium and high carbon steel wires in pattern-laid coils, for non-stop operation. Modular construction with support structure made of steel sections with single or double working sides. Each position comprises the pulling unit under which, on the floor, there is a coil trolley which can be pulled out on slides. The trolley is equipped with a motorized rotating plate with inclined axis and wire containment rolls. The wire is wound on a ring with V-shaped groove by means of a rotating plate onto which are mounted the deflecting pulleys and the double wire straighteners. An accumulation system composed of four pneumatically operated arms under the rotating plate make it possible to replace the wire carrier without stopping the plant operation. It is complete with guide pulleys which are positioned along the structure to direct the wires to the treatment plant as well as an access walkway to facilitate insertion operations.


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