Cold rolling lines NLGH (Eurolls)

Main features:

Inlet rod diameter: 5,5 -14 mm

Outlet wire: 4 – 12mm (optional 3,40)

Maximum speed: 15 m/s

Wire crimping is performed by means of Eurolls cassettes

Main motor power: 129 kW

Cold rolling line for the production of smooth and/or ribbed wire for concrete reinforcement. The line is extremely compact, versatile and equipped with independent horizontal axis bull-blocks, complete with stands for the Eurolls Cold Rolling Cassettes. The line can be composed of one, two or three bull-blocks with the possibility to install a stress relieving device (optional) to improve internal fiber arrangement after cold rolling deformation. The line can be equipped with a spooler with a horizontal or vertical axis, and can be fully automated depending to the specific requirements of the client, (with additional options for customer’s interested in the production of strapped material, or weighed and labeled coils) all without the need of operator intervention.

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