Horizontal take-up systems on spools with or without accumulation system AR (Eurolls)

Take-up systems with horizontal axis for medium and high carbon steel wire in spools, particularly suitable for annealing, patenting, galvanizing, coppering and brassing lines. Multiple construction with a structure made of bent and welded steel sheets, it can be set up in groups with single or double working sides. Portal structure with take-up spool supported by pneumatically operated retractable cone-shaped pins. The wire coming from the treatment plant is pulled by means of a capstan with either a cylindrical surface or “V”-shaped groove. The drum is mounted horizontally on the frame over the spool, and activated by an adjustable speed AC-motor with inverter. In special cases a single motor drives multiple take-up units via a single drive shaft with power transmission to each position. In this case all work at the same speed. The wire is collected on the underlying spool. The rotation of the spool is governed by an AC-motor with inverter.

The pulling and spooling motors are electronically synchronized. The wire is wound in layers by a pneumatic wire guide driven by the spooling motor. If non-stop operation is required, the AP version is available and is equipped with motorized double accumulation block with motorized intermediate flyer disk. It is completed by support and guide rolls positioned along the structure to direct the wires to the treatment plant.


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