Wet drawing lines TB (Eurolls)

General Advantages:

  • Minimum maintenance;
  • Easy connection to any kind of centralized emulsion system;
  • High speed;
  • Easy and friendly software;

The lines are designed for drawing high quality steel wire with high and low carbon content, alloy wire and stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, brass coated wire for steel cord and braided hoses, copper-plated welding wire for welding in CO2 atmosphere, stapling wire.

The modern concept of a high rigidity monolithic design, together with the absence of inclined elements, ensures the production of high-quality wire and prevents vibration.

Two, three or four pairs of large-sized shafts are equipped with drawing cones arranged in a straight line for better wire passage and simplified adjustment of dies. Each cone consists of 2-8 steel rings (adjusted to scale) with tungsten carbide coating and ground to a mirror finish.

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