The Austrian company ASMAG GmbH, located in Scharnstein, has been supplying equipment for the production of pipes, bars and profiles from steel, copper and brass for more than 35 years. ASMAG manufactures roll straighteners, extrusion presses, pointing machines and pipe drawing equipment, cutting and chamfering machines, as well as finishing, testing, stacking and bundling machines.

ASMAG offers both single machines and interconnected highly automated complete production lines for the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. ASMAG specialists always strive to implement the best technical solution for each type of equipment in accordance with the individual needs of the customer.

ASMAG focuses primarily on the interests and desires of the client – each new production line allows the customer to obtain a fast and economical production of high quality products and brings specific competitive advantages.

Continuous Rotary Extrusion ASCON (ASMAG)

Run-out System for Underwater Extrusion (ASMAG)

Run-out System for Dry Extrusion (ASMAG)

Push Pointer for rods and profiles (ASMAG)

Drawing and Stretch-Straightening Machine (ASMAG)

Spinner block for cassette drawing (ASMAG)

10-roll Straightening Machine (ASMAG)

6-roll Straightening Machine (ASMAG)

Tube Pointing Press (ASMAG)

Internal gripper device for drawing copper tubes (ASMAG)

Swaging Machine (ASMAG)

Straight Drawing for Single and Multiple Tube Draws (ASMAG)

Continuous Straight Drawing Machine (ASMAG)

2-roll Straightening Machine (ASMAG)

Multiple Cutting Line (ASMAG)

Chamfering Unit (ASMAG)

Flying saw (ASMAG)

Inline Annealing Line (ASMAG)

Jumbo Coiler (ASMAG)

Level Winder (ASMAG)

Finishing Line for Straight Lengths (ASMAG)

Storage System for Long Tubes (ASMAG)

Stacking and Bundling Line for Round and Shaped Tubes (ASMAG)

Stacking and Bundling Line for Rods and Profiles (ASMAG)

Basket Conveyor System (ASMAG)

Robot Handling System (ASMAG)

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