Vertical bright annealing line (Ebner)

For steel industry

Highest quality, greatest efficiency and best performance for alloyed steel strip.

These factors define our bright annealing lines and are the basis for global success. Today, more than 60 bright annealing lines produce material to the strictest quality standards in 16 countries.

The EBNER bright annealing concept in vertical or horizontal form is designed with the proven muffle concept to make use of the pure hydrogen atmosphere with lowest dewpoint (-60 °C) for these oxidation-prone alloys. The result is a clean, damage-free surface as well as perfect mechanical values in the annealed strips.

EBNER technology can process strip with a very high width to thickness ratio. Strip processed at these facilities, at temperatures up to 1.180 °C, may range between 0,025 and 5,0 mm in thickness and up to 1.600 mm in width.

On request, the facility can be implemented to comply with standards required by the automotive industry according to CQI-9 (AIAG).

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