Vacuum Arc Remelting (Inteco)

The Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) process was the first remelting process used to produce steels and super alloys since the 1950s. Today, the VAR has reached a very high degree of maturity, satisfying the increased demands on certain material properties in the steel industry, as well as nickel or cobalt base super alloys and reactive metals. The VAR plants are specifically designed for reliable and safe industrial scale production with the least maintenance efforts.


  • VAR for steels, super alloys
  • VAR for reactive materials, including special safety properties
  • From lab-scale to 20t ingot weight and more Partial pressure remelting for minimization of evaporation losses
  • Multifunctional remelting furnaces (combined ESR/VAR concept)

USP‘s of INTECO Design:

  • Coaxial furnace design for ingot structure improvement
  • Partial pressure remelting for minimization of evaporation losses
  • Helium cooling system for improved heat transfer between mould wall and ingot
  • Сurrent, meltrate, voltage control and drip short analysis
  • Easy access to the meltstation due to the column design
  • IMAS production management system, Level 2

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