Special plants (Ema Indutec)

EMA Inductec plants for special applications can be used for all standard inductive procedures within a wide range of different application.

Field of application:

  • Surface hardening
  • Stress relieving
  • Hardening and tempering
  • Forging

Your benefits:

  • High precision of final workpiece dimensions
  • Integrating the process directly into the line
  • One-piece-flow
  • No delay on process start
  • Energy savings due to short-term heating
  • Excellent reproducibility of results

Hardening in protective gas atmosphere:

Another advantage of this type of plant is that hardening and calibration processes are carried out in protective gas atmosphere. Thus, the obtained surface of the workpiece without scale allows to reduce such operations as washing, cleaning, shot blasting.

Induction tempering:

In connection with  induction tempering, the traditional tempering oven is no longer needed. At the same time, wear and tear on the calibration equipment is avoided.

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