Packaging lines (Georg)

Roll packing lines

A high throughput and gentle handling of the slit coils are provided through our packaging lines. For all requirements profile we have the right solution.

  • Heavy mill design
  • Modular design for perfect integration
  • Strapping at the turnstile
  • Downending of 90° is possible
  • Strapping through the coil eye
  • Integrated sorting and stacking management
  • Storage and feeding of pallets
  • Weighing of single coils and packages
  • Manual or automation strapping of coils
  • Several roll configurations are possible (with or without coating)

Due to individual parameters the GEORG coil packaging lines are able to be integrated in already existing lines to modernize and optimize the productivity.

Stack packing lines

Our conveying and packing systems reduce time and save money. GEORG cut-to-length lines set standards for productivity and accuracy.

  • No limits for the upstream system because of individual design
  • Optimal integration in existing production processes due to flexibility and productivity
  • Heavy mill design
  • Palette conveying system and stacking transportation facility
  • Conveying via chains and rolls
  • Angle stations as combined roller/chain conveyor
  • Manual and automation of transversal and longitudinal strapping
  • Integrated weighing station
  • Stack separation device for multiple blanking operation
  • Stacking of stacked pallets
  • Integration of foil packing systems

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