Galvanising furnace flue gas capture and dedusting (INGENIA)

Both gaseous (hydrogen chloride – HCl) and atomised (zinc chloride/ammonium chloride) emissions are formed during hot galvanising and may not exceed the respective current limits. Therefore, special capture, extractor and dedusting systems have to be installed.

Our high-tech, exhaust air scrubbers are installed in the galvanising furnace housing with the appropriate openings for crane slings and the skimming process. The scrubbers quickly neutralise any harmful emissions and offer the major advantage of permitting the reopening of the housing only minutes after the immersion process.

Using this technology, your galvanising plant not only operates with outstanding energy efficiency, but also undercuts the European exhaust air and flue gas directives. In this way, we join with you to fulfilling our shared responsibilities to people and the environment.

Incidentally, the zinc dust extracted by the filters can be disposed of easily and returned to a recycling process.

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