Telescope Electric-Arc Furnace (Inteco)

This EAF has an integrated scrap preheating system. The system is integrated due to the high scrap column and long presence of gas under the furnace roof. The main advantage over existing furnace designs is the ability to use thicker electrodes, which significantly reduces the risk of electrode breakage.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative EAF concept for single bucket application, even with scrap density down to 0,5 t/m³
  • Telescope principle for gantry & roof lifting minimized electrode length
    Minimized power-off time
  • High electrical & chemical energy input leads to shortest power-on time
  • High Productivity
  • High Yield
  • Highest Operational Safety


  • Reduction of the total Energy input
  • Decreasing the electrode consumption
  • Reduction of power-on & power-off time
  • Reduction of the conversion cost
  • Increasing the productivity
  • One bucket operation at a scrap density of 0,5 t/m³
  • Reduction of the electrical energy consumption of 30 – 40 kWh/t of liquid steel due to scrap preheating
  • Better utilization of burner energy due to the higher scrap column
  • Less electrode breakages compared to other single bucket technologies
  • Telescope-EAF-Principle leads to maximized charging volume without increase of electrode length
  • Less total- and electrical energy input due to scrap preheating
  • More powerful arc from the beginning of the heat = higher average power input and shorter power on time as compared to other single bucket technologies

Design Feature:

  • Rigid, reliable and proven EAF FUCHS-design
  • Gantry swiveling: no big roller bearing, swiveling is realized by 2 slide bearings Telescope Principle
  • Electrode stroke is the same than in conventional EAF-applications
  • Additional required stroke for high shell is realized by a gantry stroke
  • Gantry stroke lifts the complete gantry with the electrode support structure & roof
Telescope Electric Arc Furnace
Before revamping After revamping
Average tap weight 140 t 165 t
Upper shell diameter 8500 mm 8500 mm
Lower shell diameter 8400 mm 8700 mm
Upper shell height 5040 mm 5040 mm
Transformer 150 MVA 165 MVA
Injectors 6 8
Charge 100% scrap /
single bucket
100% scrap /
single bucket
Average scrap density 0,56 t/m³ 0,56 t/m³
Tap-to-tap time 46 min 41 min
Power ON 33 min 30 min
Oxygen consumption 31 Nm3/t 27 Nm3/t
Gas consumption 2.5 Nm3/t 4.0 Nm3/t
Gas for post-consumption 0 Nm3/t 0 Nm3/t
Electrode consumption 0.95 kg/t 0.85 kg/t
Electric energy consumption 385 kWh/t 362 kWh/t

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