Drying furnaces (INGENIA)

Modular products:

  • Transversely oriented tunnel driers
  • Longitudinally oriented tunnel driers
  • Underfloor driers with/without conveyor

In order to prevent zinc explosions and minimise ash formation, the steel parts subject to various flux agents are dried using circulatory air. This process takes place either in a tunnel drier with a conveyor, or in an underfloor drier with/without a conveyor. Irrespective of your choice of system, the drying furnace will be modified to match your requirements with regard to the location and material flow.

Temperatures in the drying furnace generally range between 80-100°C although they can be as high as 140°C. The drying air is either heated directly or indirectly using a natural gas fired heating device and is then blown into the entirely sealed chamber via ventilators. An optimum airflow over the material to be dried is provided by the individual layout of the drying air piping.

  • Tunnel driers with conveyor
  • Underfloor drier with/without conveyor
  • Modifications to match the location and material flow in line with requirements
  • Optimum airflow over the material to be dried through the individual layout of the drying air piping
  • Durability of all the components through acid-resistant materials and coatings

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