DLC Coating System DIAMOND Xtended (RÜBIG)

With the MICROPULS® DIAMOND Xtended system RUBIG offers one of the most innovative system solutions in the field of DLC
coating technology. The system helps RUBIG customers realize the DLC Xtended® process.

Internal coating

For complex geometries and increased wear protection.

Thick layers

For a longer service life and improved corrosion protection

Improved characteristics

Low temperatures reduce distortion levels

Cost savings

Less post processing and mechanical masking save time and costs


Three-dimensional coating without part rotation

Wide range of applications

Large and complex parts are coated evenly


Variable layer structure, also for complex parts

Classic applications
→ Pipes
→ Ball studs
→ Pistons


Useful diameter x useful height in mm

700 x 1.130
850/ 1.000 x 1.650
1.300/1.500 x 2.330

All the systems are available in SINGLE, DUO or TANDEM design. Special sizes on request.

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