Roll straighteners for bars (ZDAS)

The XRK 2 two-roll straighteners and XRK 9 nine-roll straighteners are basic types of straighteners designed to straighten bars. The XRK 10 ten-roll straightener is a new product suitable for high-quality straightening of large-diameter bars. The special straighteners, which incorporate a two-roll polishing and straightening machine, a seven-roll straightener suitable for larger-diameter bar straightening or prestraightening, and XRK 15 fifteen-roll straightener for wide ranges of diameters of bars to be straightened, have been designed based on the mentioned basic types. The listed numbers of the working rolls are not final and depend on the material composition, required straightening quality, working output or the other required parameters of the line.

Tube Straighteners

The straightening of tubes is a special operation in which straightener parameters are set according to the tube diameter, tube wall thickness and the type of material. The basic type is the XRK 3–3 six-roll straightener with all-roll drive. The XRK 5–5 ten-roll straightener with all-roll drive is a variant of the above XRK 3–3 straightener.

ŽĎAS oblique straighteners are produced with the XRK designation:

  • Number of straightening rolls 2–16
  • Diameter of bars to be straightened: 5–350 mm
  • Diameter of tubes to be straightened: 6–400 mm
  • Length of material to be straightened: 3–15 m
  • Attained output: according to the customer’s specification

Equipment of straightening lines

The XRK straighteners are usually incorporated in ŽĎAS straightening lines. These lines are delivered with the following handling devices:

  • Bar bundle unscrambling device
  • Entry and exit troughs
  • Feed and take-away devices
  • Collecting pockets

All devices are designed to achieve a maximum production, safety operation, noise reduction and low maintenance requirements. ŽĎAS specialists with many years of experience and a continuous development of the new equipment are the guarantee of top parameters and high life of the equipment offered.

Features of ŽĎAS Straighteners:

  • High rigidity, reliable operation, easy attendance and maintenance
  • High straightening quality without damage to the material being straightened
  • High life of working rolls with the possibility of their renewal
  • Ecological and safe operation by the use of noise enclosures and dust/scale exhaust system

The design is based on many years of experience of the work team of ŽĎAS, a.s. The used materials and components conform to the highest criteria required in this branch of industry.

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