Modular products:

Chain hoists

Rope hoists

Lifting stations

Bridge cranes

Load lifting systems

Loading stations

Floor-bound systems

Weighing systems with calibration capability

Monorail Systems

Control systems

This line incorporates fully automated processes and INGENIA’s proven and CE- certificated, high-performance components. In this type of line, a master computer controls all processes and the intelligent logistic concept.

This guarantees shorter lifting beam changing times and fewer personnel.

The Professional line type offers the highest safety level, as all the process areas are automated.

The PROFESSIONAL line type in overview:

  • Intelligent logistics concept
  • Automated process guidance via a master computer
  • Advance process simulation
  • Safe automated process areas, as there are no overhead transports
  • Automated lifting beam management
  • Organised loading and unloading zones
  • Short lifting beam changing times
  • High throughput
  • Low personnel costs
  • All components and machinery developed specially for the galvanising sector for an impressively long service life and a minimum maintenance requirement
  • Proven high-performance components

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