Levelers (Georg)

The GEORG high-performance leveler includes integrated, fully and semi-automatic changing systems. Sets of leveling rollers have a six-high or four-high design, depending on requirements. The change cassettes are easy to install and remove and considerably extend the leveling range as a result of the different diameters of the leveling rollers.

The settings of the roller leveler can be called up at any time on the optimized visual display system at the control panel. Operating instructions and error messages inform the user about the system’s status in real time.

The compact main drive unit ensures that the roller leveler has a smaller space requirement. The hardened gear wheels are mounted on anti-friction bearings, while their flanks and bearing seats are ground. The required high torques for leveling high-tensile strips with the smallest possible diameter leveling rollers are transferred via ball joint shafts with reinforced fork heads and balls. The joints are lubricated internally for better cooling and lubrication of sliding surfaces.


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