Galvanising furnaces (INGENIA)

Modular products:

  • Exhaust air flue
  • Pilling high-performance Boiler
  • Galvanising furnaces
  • Drier furnaces
  • Furnace housings
  • Heat recovery
  • Hot water Boiler
  • Dust filter
  • Control and temperature Regulation
  • Accessories

Furnace design is another area that demonstrates systematic efficiency and the use of the latest technology, which can be matched individually to any size of steel boiler. You can select between a flat flame or a high-velocity burner fitted with the most modern regulation and control technology available. Both variations are operable with gas, diesel or electricity.

  • Proven flat flame and high-velocity burners
  • The latest regulation and control technology
  • Insulation using high-quality ceramic fibres
  • Short installation times due to extensive prefabrication
  • Programmed temperature ramping function for boiler-protective heating
  • First class technical heating efficiency due to furnace chamber pressure Regulation

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