Roller hearth furnaces (Ebner)

Production of steel wire. Roller-hearth furnace for long products

This type of furnace was specially developed for soft annealing to achieve globular cementite in medium and high-alloyed tool steels, high speed steels, cold heading and bearing steels.

As well as taking care of the as-annealed quality factors, this design of furnace also minimizes process atmosphere consumption (nitrogen only) to improve economy. A CO2 control system automatically calculates and regulates the required process atmosphere (nitrogen).

rocessing temperature range of 400 °C to 950 °C (1050 °C). Net throughputs of between 2.000 kg/h and 10.000 kg/h can be achieved depending on the size of the facility and the heat treatment program selected.

These furnaces are built with a standardized hearth width (charge width) of 1.750 mm or 2.250 mm. Other widths are available on request.

For certain steel grades requiring an extremely high cooling gradient (up to 300 K/min), the roller-hearth furnace can be equipped with a HICON jet cooler.

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