Bell annealers for wire (Ebner)

Production of steel wire. Bell-type furnaces for annealing.

HICON/H2® ell annealer technology distinguishes itself in quality and offers cost advantages in heat treating hot-rolled and drawn bunch wire coils.

It provides the most cost-effective process for soft annealing, recrystallizing and spheroidizing various steel wire grades, compared with the other heat treatment facilities currently available, since very different grades can be annealed in a single charge.

In every case, the materials must meet the high speeds and high degree of automation demanded by processing machines. This means that the highest uniformity of mechanical properties and surface finish conditions must be achieved over the entire length of wire.

Continuous development ensures market leadership.

The metallically-tight workload space allows the safe use hydrogen as a process gas. Depending on the material being processed, other process atmospheres such as nitrogen, argon and mixed gases can be used. Nitrogen is used for hot rolled, unpickled cold heading grades to prevent decarburization.

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