Bogie Hearth Furnaces (Aichelin)

Depending on the requirements, heating in the furnace can be carried out using high-speed gas impulse, recuperative or flat-flame burners. The heating temperature is automatically regulated. At the place where gas is connected to the furnace, a gas distribution plant is installed with the required safety elements, including a meter for measuring gas consumption. All gas equipment is made in accordance with current safety regulations.

Metal structure

The furnace shell and door are made of section steel and covered with sheet metal. Insulation is attached to the sheet metal. The door portal is made of section steel. Parts exposed to high temperatures are made of heat-resistant alloy castings. A protective wall is provided above the door to protect against radiation when the door is open.


Bogie-hearth is made of section steel, which is covered with sheet metal  and then lined with refractories. The bogie is installed on wheels with a corresponding load capacity. Bogie-hearth is electromechanically driven. For sealing, a special system is provided that closes the gap between the bogie-hearth and the furnace.

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