Electro Slag Remelting (Inteco)

Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) is still one of the most important technologies in the production of steels and super alloys of highest demand for various applications INTECO’s experience and market leadership in the growing ESR segment is the foundation for new developments aimed to meet increasingly stringent requirements. In the field of ESR, INTECO provides a wide variety of plant concepts and various furnace designs, specially developed for  customers around the world. The variety of ingot sizes produced at the company’s ESR plants, reaching up to 250 tons, emphasizes the INTECO’s presence on the international market.


  • Short collar mould plants with retractable base plate
  • Static mould plants with or without electrode exchange technology
  • Combined static / collar mould plants
  • Pressure ESR plants
  • ESR plants for hollow and rectangular ingot production
  • Electro Slag Rapid Remelting for billet production
  • Current Conductive Mould (CCM®) technology

USP‘s of INTECO Design:

  • Protective gas system (argon and/or nitrogen)
  • Coaxial high current loop to minimize energy consumption
  • Weighing system and XY-adjustment
  • Unique Control System
  • IMAS Production Management System, Level 2
  • All necessary auxiliary equipment (stub welding, shot blasting, cutting, mould cleaning, slag crushing, alloy and slag dosing) available
  • Highest performance

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