Electric Arc Furnace (Inteco)

INTECO’s design solutions for its EAF units are focused on the development of heavy-duty equipment capable of withstanding both high electrical and chemical melting power density without impairing quality of produced steel, reliability of equipment, environment and overall safety of all the furnace operations. Tailor made design and development activities are the starting basis to follow the path marked by the future EAF technology requirements and trends.

Thanks to the acquisition of the worldwide known FUCHS Technology , INTECO enhances its capabilities reaching the excellence in the designing technique and operation technology of Electric Arc Furnaces and Ladle Furnaces, providing the market with the most advanced and innovative equipment for meltshops.


  • Tapping weights from 2 to more than 300t
  • Single point or three points roof lifting
  • Swing bridge with king pin or roller bearing
  • Copper or aluminum conductive arms
  • Split Fe-Cu water cooled upper shell panels and roof panels
  • Combined raw material input design (Scrap, DRI/HBI, HotMetal)
  • Hot heel size from 0% to 40% tapping weight according to selected raw material
  • UHP index from 0,5 to 1,5 MVA/t
  • From single charge to multi bucket charge
  • Tapping systems with EBT tap hole or tapping spout
  • Tailor made design and process technology dimensioning in function of raw materials mix

USP‘s of INTECO Design:

  • Inteco as unique supplier of all technical packages
  • Patented Telescope EAF (with a 150 t tap EAF reference)
  • Advanced and patented integrated Scrap Preheating and EAF
  • Ultra High Chemical Power input (UHChP) furnaces
  • Integrated INTECO PTI solutions for fuel and oxygen Injection
  • Integrated INTECO PTI solutions for injection of solid materials (carbon, lime, FeSi, Al powder etc.)
  • INTECO PTI SwingDoorTM TM system for EAF deslagging control and overall performance improvement
  • Enhanced design for the water-cooled components for increased safety and service life
  • Integrated INTECO atec ISEC electrode control system
  • Integrated melting process control
  • Integrated INTECO atec IFOB furnace optimization system
  • Safe operations
  • Furnace auxiliaries

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