Since 1899, the German company SEUTHE GmbH has been manufacturing equipment for the production of welded pipes and profiles, as well as open profiles from steel and stainless steel. SEUTHE now offers state-of-the-art tube welding machines and profile mills and lines, both standard and custom-made. Since 2010, SEUTHE has been part of the ASMAG Group.

The manufacturing process for welded tubes usually consists of the following steps: strip preparation, strip accumulation, forming, welding, straightening/sizing, cutting, further processing at the finishing line, stacking and bundling.

For all these production steps SEUTHE designs and manufactures the appropriate equipment. Both individual machines and a complete line for the production of finished products from strip can be supplied. SEUTHE manufactures equipment for the production of tubes (made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and copper alloys) with the smallest diameter of 4.7 mm, the biggest diameter of 406 mm and wall thickness of 0.5-16 mm.

Classic Tube Welding Lines (SEUTHE)

Tube welding lines with cage forming CTA® (Central Tool Adjustment) technology (SEUTHE)

Tube welding lines with cage forming FCF® (Flexible Cold Forming) technology (SEUTHE)

Stainless steel tube welding lines (SEUTHE)

Roll Forming Section Lines (SEUTHE)

Strip end shear and welding machine (SEUTHE)

Cross seam cutter (SEUTHE)

Outside-/inside scarfing device (SEUTHE)

Flying saws (SEUTHE)

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