ISCO combines more than 50 years of experience in European refractory design and production technology, with a direct access to top grade Chinese raw materials. This unique combination allows the company to design and produce tailor-made refractory solutions for clients ever demanding production processes.

ISCO mine is located in the center of Liaoning Province in North-Eastern China and it is the largest privately owned magnesite mine in China. From the raw ore mined, the company produces all types of fused magnesia in its own fusion plants. Directly attached to the raw material plant is the brick production facility, where a wide range of carbon magnesia and alumina-magnesia carbon bricks is produced.

This full vertical integration of the production process enables to assure a seamless quality control process from the raw ore to the final product.

From a large range of magnesia carbon qualities, the experts will select the most suitable lining concept for clients unique production processes, in order to provide the most economic solution in terms of price/performance ratio.

Refractories (ISCO)

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